Hello, I’m Agnieszka. I live and work in the beautiful County Down countryside. I created Staples Stable for women of all ages, who are looking for versatile, comfortable, quality pieces. I have lived in Northern Ireland for 13 years and for most of that time I worked for local charities. I had a decent career and a great partner but about two years ago I started feeling restless. I needed to take time and rediscover my passion and what I really wanted to do. That’s where the idea of this small-brand clothing line resurfaced, and after some talks with my wonderful partner (now husband) I decided to start this new adventure.

When I was a child, my grandma instilled the love of fashion in me. She was an extraordinary woman who survived the War, got married, had two daughters and went on to graduate in Civil Law with honours, all the while making stunning clothes for all of us. It was during this time that designer spirit in me was born. I had the ideas and someone who helped me make them happen- life was great.


I remember always battling her about the choice of colours. I loved my dark and neutral colours and my grandma hated black as she saw it as the colour of mourning. She would always tell me I looked like a Sicilian widow but I relished this comparison! In my mind this was a very sartorially stylish group – all those black laces!

Back then I wore dark colours all year round and to this day I will still seek neutral and dark garments . Even in the summer ‘oatmeal’ is my go to palette. I always dreamt about a little clothing brand that would make the most of those beautiful dark and neutral shades and capture them in attractive but practical designs. So, this is what I do now; I design quality dresses for women of all ages who are looking for something slightly different.

When I develop my designs there is a test that each dress has to pass; it has to be beautiful, comfortable and high quality. For that high-end finish I turned to a small luxury manufacturer based in Poland. It has been a joy for me to find a link with my first home that results in such a wonderful product.

Whether you love dark and neutral colours, or if my dress is the only non- pink item in your closet- I hope you love it and keep it forever!

Please contact me with any queries and suggestions. I love to hear back from my customers.

Thank you for reading and for your interest in Staples Stable.